Jargon reflecting underneath your Music Player

Many people have a real passion for music and love to talk about the latest songs they have heard or music they already know and love. And for most of us, music is the motivator or the companion when we are in search of human companions. In short, they just strike the soul with tranquillity and peace. But have you thought of jargons underneath the hobby of listening to music?

There are many informal ways to talk about music that is commonly used. So if you’re looking for music adjectives or words to describe a beautiful song look no further for maybe this is what you knowingly or unknowingly can’t stop yourself to use.


Banger is a word used mostly to describe electronic dance and hip hop music. You can use banger to refer to the latest club or disco tunes. “Hey did you hear the new banger by Dua? It will just blow your mind”.

Maybe it’s to nerdy right? To go into the words? Let’s try phrases

What a sick tune!

Have you ever heard someone say “What a sick tune!” and wondered what they actually meant? Well, they didn’t mean the band had thrown up all over the vomit and somehow that got recorded onto the final cut of the record. Actually, sick also simply means great, cool or amazing. So, next time you hear a song you like on the radio, on YouTube or in the hostel club you can tell your friends, “Wow I just heard a sick tune”. You might also hear people say, “That was the sickest (a.ka.a greatest) thing I have ever heard”.

Last night, the band we saw had some real killer tunes

For every DJ or band when they go to play a gig they must have some killer tunes to play to their audience. But, what are exactly the killer tunes? A simple definition to this is that these are the DJ’s or bands best songs. But this doesn’t mean that any mass murder going to take place! No, it is a metaphor meaning these songs are so good that they cannot be compared to any other songs (maybe at that moment as we often make new as our choices often). They would metaphorically kill off any competition. (Now you know, how to shout and say a song is good)

Turn it off, it’s too cheesy wheezy!

If the music is very simple, without subtlety, and/or the lyrics obvious and what you call sub-standard of what tracks you prefer, (“I will always love you”, “You are my one and only,” etc.) you can say “This music is cheesy”, and accompany this phrase with a pretend sick (real bad) noise “Urgh” for added effect. Just joking, you don’t need to do this last bit!! :-P

So, when I look back at the music of some Bollywood songs listening on the radio, a lot of times I think, “That music is so cheesy, I can’t believe I will ever like to enjoy with it!”

It’s not really my thing

If someone asks you, “Do you want to listen to the new Gajendra Verma‘s album?” you may instinctively want to reply, “No, I would rather eat a bowl full of glass and tomato.” But, you don’t want to annoy the person asking, so instead, you can use the phrase, “It’s not really my thing”. It has a soft and indirect meaning but still means no. By saying “not really my thing”, you are being vague as to the reason why you don’t want to listen to the song, therefore avoiding any clash with the other person. In addition, save yourself from the singers whom you wanna say, ‘please do better, I know you can’.

Now let’s switch to the dance loving music.

That groove is amazing!

Whatever dictionaries say, in everyday usage, if you listen to a song and the rhythm makes you want to dance, it’s likely that the song has a good groove (and maybe you got good moves hidden). So, when your head starts to move in time with the music, or you start to tap your feet you would be, feeling the groove, meaning you are getting yourself into the rhythm of the music. So let’s rock and roll…

Who feels like throwing some shapes?

So, imagine you are having a good time with friends while listening to music. Your friend asks you, “Do you want to throw some shapes?” You don’t know what she/he means. Throwing shapes? Surely she doesn’t mean get a triangle, a square and a circle out of pocket and throw them at you, is it?

Well, actually no, what she/he is asking you is, “Do you wanna dance?” So when someone next asks, “Do you to throw some shapes?” You can reply, “Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!!” and then goes in the Jackson you!

black and silver cassette player
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Next Saturday, there’s a wicked rave happening!

So, we have looked at wicked already and it’s just a superlative. The word that makes the thing that follows sound good or special. But, how about the following word, rave? Confusing ain’t it?

Well, a rave in today’s language is a large dance music party. When you go to a rave you might hear house, techno, dubstep, drum and bass, or one of the other many new hits of Boxoffice.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, raves might have been in fields in the summertime, but now they are more likely to be in modern clubs or your common rooms with your local superstar DJ’s. You know what I mean.

A person that goes to a rave is called a raver, and rave can be used as a verb as well, you can say, “I love raving!”, mean you love dancing at it. So, next time you go to an all-night party with electronic dance music and DJ’s and you end up dancing all night, yes, you are now a raver, a real raver! Just try it without things that lead you to worse result, the hangovers.


Now you’ve read some tips on how to speak about music as natives of listeners do. You have the additional vocabulary that you can use instead of plainsong all the time. You can talk about the music you enjoy, and I have introduced a few words related to music and dancing.

Hopefully, next time you have a music conversation with someone, you can participate in the conversation more and also understand a little better what people are saying. Good luck!


Uberman Cycle: A Promise for productivity?

Do you consider sleep to be a holy, critical, much-anticipated nightly ritual that extends nearly to the afternoon on holidays? Well, da Vinci or Tesla considered that to be wasted time. Well apparently, the two stuck to a sleep schedule that’s so strict, you simply may get exhausted just thinking about it. You may thank me later if you liked it.

Dear Sleepy Cats

There’s nothing wrong in stating that sleep is critical. Sleep deprivation causes you to eat quite a lot, causes you to act quite a drunken fool, kills your ability to hunt out, and literally eats your brain. While sleep is critical for countless reasons, nobody ever said you’d wish to do it all up in one sitting — er, one laying?

While napping stations are all the craze in trendy millennial workspaces (naps work, people!), mid-day periods of sleep aren’t a replacement concept within the smallest amount. In fact, it had been common for people within the pre-Industrial age to interrupt up their night’s sleep into segments: “first sleep” and “second sleep.” But, as legend has it, sort of history’s greatest thinkers took that a step further.

man in blue crew neck shirt standing beside green hammock

Not Ecstasy or Caffeine overdose yet!

Apparently, Leonardo and Tesla stuck to an almost impossibly strenuous sleep cycle. While the pre-Industrial segmented sleepers had a biphasic routine (i.e hitting the pillow twice during a day), Both practised the foremost intense example of polyphasic sleeping (bedtime quite 3 times during a day). Their routine of choice, allegedly? Well, that’s “The Uberman cycle”.

This cycle consists of taking five to six 20-minute naps, equally or evenly distributed, throughout your day as a daily routine. According to the Polyphasic Society, you’ll adjust the system in a way to fit your needs. For da Vinci’s possible adoption of this practice, Claudio Stampi writes in his 1992 book, “Why We Nap“: “One of his secrets, approximately it has been claimed, was a singular sleep formula: he would sleep quarter-hour out of every 4 hours, for a daily total of only 45 minutes of sleep. Therefore, it appears that he was able to gain further six productive hours daily. By following this unique regimen, he ‘gained’ an extra 20 years of productivity during his 67 years of life.”

Photo by Jess Eddy

Tesla allegedly never slept for even two hours a day, believe it or not. But, please, never decide to mimic it. This might be the ticket that drove him to a mental breakdown at age 25. “Professors at the university warned Tesla’s father that the young scholar’s working and sleeping habits were killing him,” reports Smithsonian magazine.

The reason why people may submit themselves to this odd sleeping hours habit and shortened napping shifts is obvious: longer means — ideally — more productivity. A 1989 study published in Work & Stress found that polyphasic sleep strategies improve prolonged sustained performance. So, not only you got longer to undertake to what you’ve to undertaken to before, but you may even recover results once you are done with that work. Just do me a favour, and do not attain Tesla-like extremes with it.
Perhaps the most famous mention of polyphasic sleep is in “The 4-Hour Body” by Timothy Ferriss (also on Kindle), who talks about it and a wide variety of other body hacks that can help you make the most of your 24 hours.

Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?

As we grow old, old enough to tell ourselves a high school scholar or college goers, we learn one thing that, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. But then it’s always seen that we tend to lose it as we grow old. This hypocritic world tells us that, the world is cruel so you need to survive, get accustomed to its shit. We slowly learn that we can’t be angels, forgiving people every time. We start living for vengeance in the name of justice, that finally snatches all the satisfaction we ever had in life in childhood. For God’s sake, we slowly get accustomed to merciless days as we grow older and name it Justice. We start taking pleasures in lies and self-designed dreams. Daydreaming is termed as a waste, but then we say to dream big and grab success.

Pic credits: Grunge.

Where have we all landed up?

In this world of cut-throat competition, we tend to cut the throat of our rivals or competitors and name it as competition. We take pleasure in lies of flattery or move on to the option of flattering some people to gain some materialistic benefits. In religious and holy places, we say that doing this or that will wash off our crimes and sins. But is that the way to repent for our sins or crimes? There are still places where foeticide occurs, there is still an existent glass ceiling and also prevailing self-styled godmen and god women declaring themselves to be the spokesperson of God. But finally, we are ending up in creating more destruction to humanity, taking more lives, becoming more corrupt, corrupting more innocent minds, and alas, at last, becoming crueller and naming that as justice.

Oh, God! Gives us some wisdom to realise that we are Nature’s creation not the puppets of Devil. The puppets, who finally lose control to become a Devil himself or herself!