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colorful daruma dolls on street

Life is no different than a Daruma Doll

As I grew up, though, I am still growing and ageing towards maturity, I still love to watch the Animated series. My favourite list is too long but still, I can say one of them is Doraemon. I loved it watching earlier and even now, and among all episodes, I like the one showing Daruma Doll. Daruma…

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Can BCG Matrix mean better HR?

When a layman is asked where a company invests. Most will ask about the organisational structure which is quite nominal but when the answer some do tend to forget that the employees are also an asset, in-short a very complex investment in terms of money, trust, time and whatnot. Though we say so, we never…

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Rise of Bookstagram in India

Instagram, an image sharing social media platform has recently expressed a surge in Adolescent and Young adult users throughout the world. For various reasons of usage majorly including selfies, groupies and profile images, Instagram has been experiencing surge to extend that it is having unexplained server outrages recently. But this Facebook platform has witnessed some…

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