Life is no different than a Daruma Doll

colorful daruma dolls on street

As I grew up, though, I am still growing and ageing towards maturity, I still love to watch the Animated series. My favourite list is too long but still, I can say one of them is Doraemon. I loved it watching earlier and even now, and among all episodes, I like the one showing Daruma Doll.

Daruma Doll is a doll, that never lies down. It stands, up erect even when thrown, dropped or laid. The main reason behind this is its Centre of Gravity being quite low in the erect position and finally, it’s wobbly nature. All add up to make it stand up soon.

set of daruma dolls in market
Credits: The Walt Disney Company , Source: Wiki

As a whole, this Daruma Doll is a good inspiration for all of us. The characters they possess say a lot of things. Things long enough not to fit in here still can be summarized. Still, let’s see their character as a layman – they don’t stay lied down. They stand up even if dropped ever from a height. It teaches us to stand up whenever we attain failure thus feel low. It teaches us to have patience and perseverance. We must think about the matter, and do a SWAT analysis and see why should achieve your goal and how to achieve it. Making smaller plans and goals for the ultimate goal and forgetting about result actually fetches success and satisfaction.

As a whole, if we see by the viewpoint of Physics, we see its centre of gravity. It’s quite low to the ground. It tells us a very important thing. Whenever you gain success, never forget your starting point. Always stay in touch with ground zero. Always, respect and learn from that. And finally never be arrogant for the same, for it’s your beginning that will help you stand up always to the height of success. So we must learn to be kind and satisfied with whatever we have and achieved to date.

At last, it also inspires you never to give up. Daruma Doll since ages was made from a material that simply makes it enough strong that it does not break easily when dropped. Whenever we fall, we fail, we must never think that we can’t attain success ever. We must think on the matter once again, ponder on the possible reason for our failure. We must stay strong, strong enough to take accountability for our mistakes and failures.

All these do make a person strong, kind, well-motivated and a person satisfied with life, enough to help others get inspired to be a better person. But at last one may think instead putting a title saying something about why one should be like a Daruma Doll, I made it that like is a Daruma doll! Well, thinking second time that even though life has a downfall it still tries to get up, why can’t we? At last it’s never a sin to fall down, but it is really a big sin to not try again.

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