Light too has Dimensions: Diary Entry #3

aurora borealis

Pretty absurd isn’t it? Well, I don’t exactly want to say that the light, which can be both photon particle or its waves depending on the situation. It is a very argued and debated topic since the time I read it in my science book in high school. I mean, I am no scientist, though want to be one someday. I just gained one take-home message from my book and science class is that for several decades, people been arguing about is light a particle or a wave? To be specific, I am no physicist nor I follow any physicist closely. Not because I feel physics to be boring but because neither am I a genius nor can I claim that get lesser bouncers. You may probably understand by now that it’s still something that science fiction movies and sitcoms prefer to cover. One of the favourites to the public has been The Big Bang Theory.

So, where does the title come in? Well, just like many high school students, when they reach the final senior years, some get a lot inspired by science, especially physics, thanks to the Discovery Channel and the internet. And some of them are possibly the biggest souls who mark every point of their faculties in college or school in the initial days of subject introduction and make it till the year-end. Though I am not one of the biggest souls in something good in meaning, I am sometimes in something extraordinarily dumb. Hope this story finds you in perfect humour with a snippet of a message.

So it was monsoons when my senior pre-final year of school officially started after my matriculation. I was probably overflowing with a little dumbness because of my colourful matriculation grades. So our introductory classes in physics included knowing that there are particles called atoms, sub-atomic components like neutrons, etc and further etc. In short sometimes quite interesting if someone teaching you makes it fun. I feel that physics need both seriousness and wits. In the initial days, we were also told about something called dimensions in form of [Mx Lx Tx] where each x denoted a value that may be same or different. So as usual, the derivations and memorisations began. Someone told it right. If you can’t understand it then memorise it and then ask someone to guide you of what you need to understand in there. But teenagers shall always be teenagers, full of stupidity. In one class I heard, Light is what you read in the beginning part, which implies it has no mass and no length and of course it is not a measurement of time. In short, light has no dimensions like some 1D, 2D or 3D or maybe some other D. Thankfully, the same month we were told something about lumens. A way to measure light. But just like the introductory class of Psychology in Young Sheldon’s season four, I was struck and hung up with what is correct. But as simple mind, I decided that I will put that light has no dimensions. To some extend I was correct, provided, if I took a correct inference of what dimension I mean here. Not bad enough, even today, I still am unclear of my inferences at that time.

Every wrong thing in science, in terms of what a human knows, gets corrected at some point of time. I mean often. But for the students, it gets corrected of what they learnt wrong, within the same life. I got one of my internal exams, made it wrong. Got it marked as wrong in my transcript and so did plan to go to our teacher. Sometimes at teens, when you see you end up argue well at home, you get confident that you may repeat the same in your school. Well at that time, it may be sometimes forgotten that our parents feel that we will learn eventually the correct one in due time. But, for our mind, we shall surely get what we think is right. I mean we as teenagers thought that time to be the right. As I reached our teacher’s room, I found that I wasn’t alone. I was also accompanied by some more minds who wanted to argue and get marks awarded and some who simply wanted to know. I mean both dumb like me and wise like someone wise, I guess. After a thirty minutes argument, we saw that our teacher doesn’t give in for that petty one marker. Well, we gave up. Some of us knew why we were wrong but still not ready to accept. Coming back to our benches after that tiresome exercise of vocal cords, I realised two things. One that light does have a different type of dimension to represent it with and, never argue for scientific facts till you know the facts and are competent enough and find out of why what others already found and accept maybe wrong. But while sitting at the table writing this, I feel that it was the thirst of getting awarded with marks that made us do so but in reality, we choose science for the hunger for knowledge to be more curious and have a continued thirst to learn more in life and field of reasoning in mother nature or whatever the science may be described with.

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