Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?

As we grow old, old enough to tell ourselves a high school scholar or college goers, we learn one thing that, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. But then it’s always seen that we tend to lose it as we grow old. This hypocritic world tells us that, the world is cruel so you need to survive, get accustomed to its shit. We slowly learn that we can’t be angels, forgiving people every time. We start living for vengeance in the name of justice, that finally snatches all the satisfaction we ever had in life in childhood. For God’s sake, we slowly get accustomed to merciless days as we grow older and name it Justice. We start taking pleasures in lies and self-designed dreams. Daydreaming is termed as a waste, but then we say to dream big and grab success.

Pic credits: Grunge.

Where have we all landed up?

In this world of cut-throat competition, we tend to cut the throat of our rivals or competitors and name it as competition. We take pleasure in lies of flattery or move on to the option of flattering some people to gain some materialistic benefits. In religious and holy places, we say that doing this or that will wash off our crimes and sins. But is that the way to repent for our sins or crimes? There are still places where foeticide occurs, there is still an existent glass ceiling and also prevailing self-styled godmen and god women declaring themselves to be the spokesperson of God. But finally, we are ending up in creating more destruction to humanity, taking more lives, becoming more corrupt, corrupting more innocent minds, and alas, at last, becoming crueller and naming that as justice.

Oh, God! Gives us some wisdom to realise that we are Nature’s creation not the puppets of Devil. The puppets, who finally lose control to become a Devil himself or herself!

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