Rehabilitation before Prevention: When Space Quest met with Medical Satiety

Even though in the branch of preventive medicine, some of the processes involved are still being practised in health care setups and public health administration, but as we go to the lives of astronauts in microgravity or zero gravity, the demands become higher. Rehabilitation becomes necessary even before the disorder actually occurred.

Can BCG Matrix mean better HR?

When a layman is asked where a company invests. Most will ask about the organisational structure which is quite nominal but when the answer some do tend to forget that the employees are also an asset, in-short a very complex investment in terms of money, trust, time and whatnot. Though we say so, we neverContinue reading “Can BCG Matrix mean better HR?”

Rise of Bookstagram in India

Instagram, an image sharing social media platform has recently expressed a surge in Adolescent and Young adult users throughout the world. For various reasons of usage majorly including selfies, groupies and profile images, Instagram has been experiencing surge to extend that it is having unexplained server outrages recently. But this Facebook platform has witnessed someContinue reading “Rise of Bookstagram in India”

Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?

As we grow old, old enough to tell ourselves a high school scholar or college goers, we learn one thing that, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. But then it’s always seen that we tend to lose it as we grow old. This hypocritic world tells us that, the world is cruel so you need toContinue reading “Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?”