Hi, I’m Bishal Baishya. Well, when it comes to intro, I don’t know where to start at. Previously I have been a book blogger and a bookstagram reviewer, I became a full-time medical student and started to serve the public real late. When I’m not spending time with my wonderful books and family, I love writing about my fascination with people, health, and living a better life every day! To go with, I am basically an animal botherer, public service enthusiast and enjoy learning new things daily, especially when it is something related to patient care.

Early Childhood

Early childhood was spent in various parts of India, includes changing schools, meeting new people and having different dreams and fantasies of what to do in life. But the foundation been clear, serve humanity and enjoy and relish literature and visual arts.

Favourite past time being experimentation!

I love experimenting, tried various things in mid. Had my internet radio named “Insanely” and had a little unsuccessful podcast in mid, “Hobbies, Aesthetics and Health” but all went something as an experience in mid. Experience worthwile to be stored as memory. More about me is my blog entry in form of diary entry and rest, it’s all lucid….

Over the last seven odd years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some great minds, working side by side to design and develop new books, websites and stories and improve upon existing ones. See for yourself!

Presently I prefer to use ‘Insanely’ as umbrella name for my Projects and it’s platform portal.

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Project Insanely Radio

In the year 2017, towards late, I started Insanely Radio. It was an online radio running on VPS using AutoDJ on Libretime. Basically, it was meant to support emerging artists and yet maintain quality. Never did advertising nor took sponsorships. The audience was not too bad, thanks to availability at many online radio directories, it had a steady listening of a handful of thousand of listeners around the globe. Artists began from Facebook sounds music ones and then got dozens of music submissions weekly. Alas, summer 2021, amid COVID 19 pandemic, due to difficulty running it and expenses involved along with the declining audience, this radio finally packed its bags but I still feel was heart desire to scale it in future.

Project Insanely Magazine

Towards end of 2017, as usual, due to my love for the word Insanity, I just published the first ever edition of INSANELY Magazine. Had various aspect being covered, from literature to self-help and humanitarian causes. Saw many team members come and go but 2021 summer made the mark of last edition live. The few editions are still on Amazon Kindle if one likes to read… The 3rd last edition below!

Book: Colossal Horizon

Paperback and Kindle edition still available on Amazon India.

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