Hi! I am Dr Bishal Baishya, an Assam Medical College alumni with a broad taste for non-fiction and storytelling and a deep love for science and the unknown. My curiosity, thirst for literature, and passion for fiction never get into the tag of tired and bored. Previously a book blogger and a bookstagrammer, now focussed on learning and developing more skills, knowledge and experience in becoming a stronger and more well-rounded healthcare provider. When not spending time with my wonderful bookshelf and family, I love writing about my fascination with people, health and living a better life every day!

Being an Assamese native, my love for fiction and joy for being an animal botherer blossomed in the early days of medical college. Spiced with public service enthusiasm and aspiring to enjoy and learn new things daily, resulted in the experimentation of many projects. It includes co-authoring and editing a few books/periodicals and pushing efforts for a Podcast for self-help and learnability development, especially when it is related to patient care.

2021 Graduating Batch – AMCH

Early Childhood

My early childhood was spent in various parts of India, thus changing schools, primarily Army Public Schools. Thus it became yearly agenda, meeting new people and having different dreams of what to do in life. But the foundation was always crystal clear, to serve humanity and relish literature and visual arts.

The Favourite pastime is “Experiments as frequent possible”!

In the path of experimentation, I tried various things in college life. Had an internet radio named “Insanely” and a bit unsuccessful yet running podcast, “Hobbies, Aesthetics and Health“. Still, in the end, it all went something as an experience in my resume. Those experiences were worth to be stored as memory. Some of these learning chapters are in the form of a blog entry as “Diary of Bishal“, and the rest, it’s all lucid…

Over the last five-odd years, he had the pleasure of working with some great minds, working side by side to design and develop new books, websites and stories and improve upon existing ones. Though nibbles, per swallow, I had a few great moments in my professional life, satisfying my desire for service in public health. Presently most of my projects are under ‘Insanely’ as an umbrella org for my Projects and its platform portal.

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Project Insanely Radio

In the late months of the year 2017, I started Insanely Radio. It was an online radio running on VPS using AutoDJ on Libretime. Basically, it was meant to support emerging artists and yet maintain quality, completely Ad and sponsorship free. The audience was not too bad, thanks to its availability in many online radio directories. It had a steady listening of a handful of thousand of listeners around the globe. Shows began with free-to-use Facebook sounds & music and proceeded to dozens of music submissions weekly. Alas, in the summer of 2021, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, this radio finally packed its bags due to the lower benefit-expenses ratio involved. But I still hope, that provided practical situations, this project may arise again for independent artists and newbies.

Project Insanely Magazine

As I said above, towards the end of 2017, due to my love for the word Insanity and joy in public service, I published the first-ever edition of INSANELY Magazine. Various aspects were covered, from literature to self-help and humanitarian causes. Saw many team members come and go, but the 2021 summer made the mark of the last edition being published. The few editions are still on Amazon Kindle if one likes to read… The 3rd previous edition is below!

Book: Colossal Horizon

In 2018, a few enthusiast minds, namely Karvileena Deka, Amlan Deep Das, Sushmita Das, Nabajit Das, and more, came together for an Anthology project named “Colossal Horizon”. It was released on 26 November 2018 for the general public with a motto and joy to appreciate the love for writing among youth in Assam. And for me, I was a part of the curious enthusiast list.

Paperback and Kindle editions are still available on Amazon India.

So whatever it might be, an idea, invite or discussion, just drop a mail to me. For contacting me, visit my contact page.

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