Jargon reflecting underneath your Music Player

Many people have a real passion for music and love to talk about the latest songs they have heard or music they already know and love. And for most of us, music is the motivator or the companion when we are in search of human companions. In short, they just strike the soul with tranquillityContinue reading “Jargon reflecting underneath your Music Player”

Uberman Cycle: A Promise for productivity?

Do you consider sleep to be a holy, critical, much-anticipated nightly ritual that extends nearly to the afternoon on holidays? Well, da Vinci or Tesla considered that to be wasted time. Well apparently, the two stuck to a sleep schedule that’s so strict, you simply may get exhausted just thinking about it. You may thankContinue reading “Uberman Cycle: A Promise for productivity?”

Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?

As we grow old, old enough to tell ourselves a high school scholar or college goers, we learn one thing that, “Honesty is the Best Policy”. But then it’s always seen that we tend to lose it as we grow old. This hypocritic world tells us that, the world is cruel so you need toContinue reading “Insomniac daredevil or Devil of Hypocrisy?”